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Shenzhen Taier Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Taier Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was one of the first companies in China to commercialize spray-dried plasma protein powder.


Many people in China enjoy pig blood as a delicacy. It is high in iron and protein, and many individuals use it to supplement their iron and blood. Fresh and healthy pig blood is filtered, added salt, anticoagulant sodium citrate, and thickening agent, and then sterilized at high temperature to make the boxed blood tofu sold in supermarkets. However, ingested pig blood makes up a small percentage of total pig blood production, and the majority of pig blood is dumped as waste by the slaughterhouse, polluting the environment and wasting resources.


We collect fresh and healthy animal blood from government-approved slaughterhouses and then through a variety of separation, ultra-filtration, concentration, and spray drying processes to create high-quality animal protein raw materials - spray-dried plasma and hemoglobin. Spray-dried plasma is widely used in piglet weaning diets to boost food intake, growth, and feed efficiency during the post-weaning period due to its high protein and beneficial peptide content. Hemoglobin powder also provides a great source of concentrated protein (+ 90%) with a higher feed conversion and growth rate in practically all species due to its high Lysine and Histidine content.


We also developed heme iron polypeptide and hemin in relation to animal blood. When compared to inorganic iron, heme iron polypeptide is more easily absorbed by the human body and has fewer, if any, gastrointestinal side effects. It is a highly effective treatment for anemia.


Another part of our businesses is protein hydrolysate. In the food industry, our high-quality peptones—soy peptones and vegetable peptones—are widely applied for fermentation. The 100 percents enzymatic hydrolyzed fish protein and soybean protein could be utilized in organic agriculture to provide nutrients to plants while also contributing to sustainable agriculture.


We obtained amino acid biostimulant that containing more than 20% free amino acids by enzymatic hydrolysis of animal blood, which help plants tolerate varied harsh situations, boost agricultural yields, and improve fertilizer consumption.


Vision: To be a well managed, fast growing, innovative company.


Mission: Continue develop innovative material for our customers promote quality and improving their environmental performance.

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Shenzhen Taier Biotechnology manufactures a high quality organic protein product that has proven to provide bioavailable amino acid base nitrogen to the plants. I have been distributing their product for more than 5 years as of result of a professional business relationship. Growers like Shenzhen Taier Biotechnology protein. -- Oscar Ramirez